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Web Designing


Web designing institute in Jaipur

Web design means designing a website that is displayed on the internet. Web design encloses many different skills of websites. Web designing institute in Jaipur will help you learn all the different aspects of web design. Our course will start from the basic HTML and take you to the standard software. Creative web pixel has created the best web designing course in Jaipur. We have trained professionals who are working in this field for very long. We also have 15 years' market reputation in the IT industry which is quite long for any institute.

Web designing course in Jaipur

In our course, we will not only teach you how to make a website but also the other important things like how to maintain a website, how to modify it and more. We have been working for long to bring the best web designing course in Jaipur. We also have an amazing professional team who will guide you during your course. This course will help to start your own business. If you want to pursue your career as a web designer then it will help to become an expert in web design skills. The creative web pixel is providing a web designing training institute in Jaipur. During the training period, you will work on the live projects that are going on in our institute. You can experience an office environment with learning in our institute. Our experts will always be there for you to guide you.

Web designing course syllabus

Web designing curriculum varies from college to college and institute to institute. It totally depends upon every institute. The most important topics we are going to cover in our curriculum are: -

Web Designing Syllabus

A. Photoshop / Adobe Xd

  • Tools
  • Layers
  • Options
  • Efects
  • Actions
  • Filter
  • Layer masking
  • Object masking
  • Text efacts
  • Menu
  • Animation
  • Gif Animation
  • Cliping Masking
  • Layer Masking
Work Exprince
  • Logo design
  • Banner design
  • Emailer design
  • Home page design
  • Inner pages design
  • Mobile App
  • Html slicing
  • Photo efects
  • Photo edting

  • HTML
  • Attribouts
  • Properties
  • Value
  • Inline CSS
  • Internal CSS
  • External CSS
  • PSD To Framwork (PHP/.NET/ etc)
  • HTML5 Tags Using
  • Responsive Html
  • Globle Attributes
Work Exprince
  • CSS Basic
  • Css Properties
  • Value
  • Css Animation
  • Inline CSS
  • Internal CSS
  • External CSS
  • Media Query
  • CSS Grid
  • Grid Container
  • Using Web Fonts
  • Responsive
  • CSS3 - Introduction
  • CSS 3 - Rounded Corner
  • CSS 3 - Multi Backgrounds
  • CSS3 - Introduction
  • CSS 3 - Rounded Corner
  • CSS 3 - Color
  • CSS 3 - Gradients
  • CSS 3 - Shadow
  • CSS 3 - Text
  • CSS 3 - Web Font
  • CSS 3 - 3D Transform
  • CSS 3 - 2D Transform
  • CSS 3 - Animation
  • CSS 3 - Multi Columns

  • Introduction
  • Browsers and devices
  • How to Use Components
  • Bootstram Forms
  • PSD To Bootstrap
  • How to use clsss
Work Exprince
  • Jquery plunging installation
  • Knowledge of jquery how to use

B. HTML / CSS / Bootstrap / Jquery

  • Free HTML Validators
  • Browser extension
  • Online HTML Validators
  • Knowledge of HTML / CSS Validation Resolving Errors
  • Put HTML / CSS Validation Verify Code
Work Exprince
  • File Uploading
  • Server file editing
  • Knowledge of FTP how to use
  • Knowledge of FTP Softwaire
Daulat Ram Vaishnav
Web Designing & UI Expert Exp:- 10+ Years
Tarun swami
Skatch Art Exp:- 7+ Years

All the topics mentioned above are the main that we are going to cover in the web designing syllabus. This is just an overview of a syllabus. There is a lot more you will learn for sure as we have the best web designing syllabus in Jaipur. You will surely enjoy the course as it will start from the fundamentals so, you will not face any problem. We have the best institute for web designing course in Jaipur.


The objective of the web designing course

The main aim to learn web designing is to learn how to implement theories into practice. To become familiar with the web designing concepts. To develop your skills. To enhance and polish your skills under the experts. Develop your skills in creating a website. Learn how to maintain and modify the existing web site. This course will also help you to understand and plan your research related to website usability. The most important objective is to provide the theory and practical course of your interest so that you are able to build your career.

After the web designing course, what student would able to work as

There are an ample number of job opportunities for you after doing a web designing course. The few examples of the field in which you can work: -

  • As a web application developer
  • As a front-end web developer
  • As a design and layout artist
  • As a back-end web developer

These are the few jobs in which you can go. Apart from this, there are other various jobs available in the IT industry. You can also work as a freelancer that means work according to your time in your comfort zone. Even after this, you want to pursue your studies, then also you can from your home. As we already told you if you have done this course once there will be a number of opportunities or jobs in which you can enroll yourself.


Web designing course scope

This is something each one of you thinking of what is the scope of the web designing course. As we already described above the number of jobs in this. Now we will discuss the scope of web designing. The scope of web design never ends. As the digital world is going, the requirements of the web designer will also grow. It displays immense scope for interested students. Web designers are required in every field. Every field means in the media and Tv industry, companies who work in the digital market and many more fields.


Web designing course duration and fees

In web designing, there are various courses like bachelors, diploma, and certification also. The duration of the very course is different. We will tell you the duration and course fees below: -

  • If you are planning to bachelors in web designing then it is a 3 years course and fees are almost 50,000.
  • If you want to pursue a diploma in web designing, then it depends upon the college and institute course duration.
  • If you are planning for certification, then it is also depending upon the institution to institution. Some will provide a certification course of 4 months, a few of 8 months and so on.

The course duration in our institute is 4 months and the course fee is 15,000 and if you want to do training in web designing then it is for 6 months and the course fee is 20,000. In our course, we are covering the almost very important topic of web designing coaching in Jaipur that you should learn. We are also having an advanced web designing course. In an advance web designing course, you will learn and work on the latest technology.


Web designing course and placement

Web designing course uplifts your business skills. You can also start your own business as you become an expert in web designing. Web designing certification course is of only 4 months and helps you start your earning as early as possible. Web designing course will boost up your career if you want to pursue in the designing world. We will assure you that you will earn high once you are done with the certification in web design.

After your web designing certification in our institute, we are also conducting a placement drive for you. The average package offered by the companies is 3 lakhs. It might be more than that or less than that completely depends on the company. We will also train you for the placements. But it totally depends on your ability to crack the interview. We are here to help you and guide you for your future.


What is the education required for web designing?

Just after 12, you can do a web designing course. There are a variety of courses available. Some of the examples are also mentioned above to guide you. You can have any diploma or any type of certification as there are multiple certification courses available in web designing. With any of the certification courses, you can do training in web designing to become an expert and polish your skills.

Web designing course needs basic computer programming for styling the websites, creating the websites and also for modifying the website. So, there is no need to be scared of programming languages which are used in web designing.

We are also providing digital marketing training in Jaipur. Creative web pixel is also the best graphic design institute in Jaipur

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