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Do you know what is the quickest way to become a web master?

The Answer lies in art of Programing !

  • Python
  • Angular Java Script
  • React
  • PHP

These are some of the finest programming languages that IT giants like GOOGLE and FACEBOOK uses.

To help grads and fresher in this field we are introducing a special training program, it starts with seminar. The Duration of the seminar goes from 1,3 and 7 days. Location is colleges, we will come to your college to help you out in the understanding of different modules.

What will Seminar consist?

  • A structured and well-defined training module on ‘Website designing’ and ‘Web development’ using PHP, React, Python and Angular.
  • SEO and Digital Marketing training.
  • Experience Industry level learning by trainers who have contributed to the industry for a very long time
  • Enhance your work skills and employment opportunities.
  • These pieces of training are related to computer science which will help you in honing your skills and add on to your caliber. These Seminars help you in actually making your industry ready.
  • Skill development and mastering a particular module.

Meet the trainers and experts who work for industry. They help you train and give you an internship so that you can get a hands-on experience.

Why the P’s?

PHP and Python are the new web-based technology that are ruling the market. With the global digitization, this is the mandatory knowledge that everyone should have to get good job.

  • Some of the well-know websites like YouTube, Quora, Wikipedia are built using ‘python’. This is the main reason why python web developers are in demand.
  • ‘PHP’ is a global symbol for server-side programing. If you want to enter in the field of Web Development, then you should definitely know this.

These seminars are not just the boring lectures !!

  • These seminars are combined form of learning and practical experience.
  • The work is done on live projects with the help of a specialist in that particular field.
  • We Provide Certificates which help you in getting early offer letters.
  • This seminar helps you in get talents with experience.
  • Mainly aiming at the skill development and mastering a particular module.

Mission and Vision

We have many IT engineers but the very essence of IT that is coding is known by very few. We have a lot of quantity but not quality in the market and that is what fuels our vision for these seminars and training. Creating a society that has skills and vision can help society in getting developed. Once you get the skills and that mindset that is needed, you will automatically gain the power of employment.

Why Chose Us!

  • These seminars are combined form of learning and practical experience.
  • It will help you find your true potential. You will get to know some really great business experts and different other people and learn with the best.
  • Community doesn’t lie. Don’t trust us? Watch the community comments who have excelled the most in this sector on our website.
  • We have great offers and deals, join us now and get to know the best of all in the computer science industry.

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