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Angular 4 Training in Jaipur by Creative Web Pixel Angular 4

Programming and IT development are mainly based on the skills that you have and how you can understand it well. We have a full-fledged training program that focuses on only one aspect of the programming world from a huge chunk of programming languages that we have. This course module will give details on all types of specifications that are needed to understand and get on board with programming development.


AngularjS is a great framework that is based on JavaScript. This is the newest form of technology that is going on now. There is a huge amount of development in this field. This can be added with the HTML in the script tag. This is one type of library that is written in JavaScript that makes everything very easy.


This course will give you the prerequisite training that is needed before we start with AngularJS. The courses are

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • AJAX

Angular Course Content

  • Angular 4 – Overview
  • Angular 4 – Environment Setup
  • Angular 4 – Project Setup
  • Angular 4 – Components
  • Angular 4 – Module
  • Angular 4 – Data Binding
  • Angular 4 – Event Binding
  • Angular 4 – Templates
  • Angular 4 – Directives
  • Angular 4 – Pipes
  • Angular 4 – Routing
  • Angular 4 – Services
  • Angular 4 – Http Service
  • Angular 4 – Forms
  • Angular 4 – Animations
  • Angular 4 – Materials
  • Angular 4 – CLI
  • Angular 4 – Examples
  • Angular 4 - Quick Guide
  • Angular 4 - Useful Resources
  • Angular 4 - Discussion

Why AngularJS?

  • This is a very powerful tool that is used for any type of single page projects and applications.
  • The programming languages are made very easy to understand and made the steps easily and simply understandable.
  • There are many suitable examples that can explain different concepts.
  • This language is in huge demand when we consider web development.
  • The designs made by this is great and amazing. This language helps in making responsive pages and give proper user experience and actions.
  • This is open source which means it is free for all the developers around the world.

Understanding AngularJS

  • AngularJS handles dependencies very well.
  • This gives more space to express the UI and side effects are reduced.
  • This helps in making your development run parallel.
  • The developer can control this as this is testable, works parallel, you can construct proper UI.
  • This supports single page applications.

Why to train with us?

The training starts with basic understanding and understanding basic idea about web development and what is User Interface and User Experience. Then the flow goes to the prerequisite aspects before starting with Angular JS. The HTML, CSS, JavaScript and AJAX was properly made clear. This tutorial will mainly hold on how you can build an Angular Js script and get the knowledge about it and second is how we can try understanding about the implementation aspect.a

Get started now!

We provide a proper window that allows the developers to learn about different aspects of Angular JS. You get proper material and also the online course that will help you in understanding this language properly. With this, you also get trained in logic building and understanding UI and UX properly. This is best if you are going for the designing field. This language helps in enhancing the power of learning and design experience. This language is very easy and gives you the proper functionality to reuse the piece of code. The training is full time which helps you in developing industry level codes. This tutorial is here to give you real-time hands-on experience and learn from that. This is not the theoretical tutorials, it's more on how you can implement this and work around the different solutions and aspects. This language is very robust and easy. It is very fast to understand this and know properly about all types of coding standards and other aspects needed for the Angular JS development.

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