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Android ios App Development

Creative Web Pixel

What is android app development?

Android App Development Courses Content

  • Getting Started
  • Variables
  • Arrays
  • Methods
  • Decision Making
  • Loops
  • Exceptions
  • Structures, Enums
  • Object Oriented
  • Class, Constructor
  • Static
  • Inheritance
  • Overloading
  • Interface, Abstract
  • Utilities
  • Events
  • Generics
  • Eclipse IDE
  • GUI Programming
  • Collections
  • Serialization
  • Multithreading
  • Debugging
  • JVM Internals
  • Memory Tools
  • Introduction
  • History
  • SDK, API Levels
  • Features
  • Architecture
  • Android Stack
  • Dev Environment
  • Eclipse
  • Android Studio
  • Virtual Device
  • First App – He llo World
  • Interactive App
  • Project Structure
  • Android Components
  • UI Elements
  • Activities
  • Activity Life Cycle
  • Multi Screen App
  • Intent
  • Data Communication/li>
  • Advanced UI
  • Selection
  • Adapters
  • Menu & Options
  • Custom Components
  • UI & Performance
  • Notifications
  • Multithreading
  • Async Task
  • Styles & Themes
  • Resources
  • Intent
  • Intent Filter
  • Broadcast Receiver
  • Receiving Broadcast
  • Data Storage
  • File System
  • Internal Storage
  • External Storage
  • SQLite DB
  • Content Providers
  • Services
  • Services Life Cycle
  • IPC – AIDL
  • Multimedia
  • Audio & Video
  • Location Based Serv
  • Google Maps
  • Web Services
  • Web View
  • Sensors
  • Wifi
  • Telephony
  • Camera
  • Bluetooth
  • Apk deployment
  • Linux & Windows
  • Deployment on Store
  • Compatibility
  • Update

What is android app development?

Android is mobile-based operating system software. It is mainly designed for touch screen devices like tablets. It is developed by ‘Google’ and ‘Open Handset Alliance’ in California in 2003 which means 16 years ago. It is one of the most powerful operating systems. The android app development supported by the android is more comfortable and user-friendly. Android apps are open source means anyone can use it freely or after purchasing it. Android apps make our life easier with the help of various apps. It is the most famous and the majority used operating system.

What is IOS app development?

IOS stands for iPhone operating system. It is created and developed by apple mainly for its hardware devices. It powers many company mobile devices like iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It is the second most popular operating system worldwide after android. It ensures the security of our personal data. IOS apps regularly check the update with every new device. It is one of the most asked courses in the IT industry these days.

Creative Web pixel is one of the renowned institutes for an android course in Jaipur. We provide highly professional trainers having enough experience. They will help you to refine and polish your skills in these courses. Our institute provides a separate lab room for android training and ios training where students can access the computers in scheduled hours.

During the android course and IOS course learning, students have an opportunity to work on various live projects. It helps you to enhance your knowledge, skills and develop your creative mind by doing work on the latest projects. You also have experience of MNC's environment. Creative Web Pixel has a strong reputation in the IT industry. We are giving you an opportunity to be the part of best android training institute in Jaipur and develop your career in the growing technology. We are providing training in Android app development course in Jaipur.

Android course and app development include theory and practical sessions. In practical sessions, our experts will help you to enhance your knowledge practically with real-world problems. In theory schedules, we will give you a piece of deep knowledge about the android and IOS history and generation. We also provide iPhone training in Jaipur.

How you can become a part of Android course and IOS course in the best training institute in Jaipur?

  • If you want to pursue your career in the most demanding technology throughout the world. Then apply soon in the android app development course and IOS app development course in Jaipur.
  • If you want to do training under specialized trainers and experts. Then apply in the best android training in Jaipur.
  • Even if you have an interest in the latest and one of the most demanding technologies and you want to work under these technologies. Then apply for android and IOS courses in the best training institute in Jaipur.
  • Even if you are not from the computer’s background then also it’s okay. We are here to help you in pursuing your career in the most asking course in MNCs nowadays.
  • If you want to do iPhone training. Then we also provide iPhone training in Jaipur.
  • If you want to work in your leisure time then you have an option to do an android app development course and work on your own conditions in the future.

Creative web pixel provides some courses to secure your future. We also give training in android app development, IOS app development, and iPhone. As we see the life of humans becomes so easy with the development of android and IOS technology. Humans are more dependent on their mobile phones. Every day a new android app comes in the market that helps you. Every year a new iPhone comes in the market with more features and more security promises. These are some courses whose growth will increase in the IT industry in the coming years.

Android App development Course Benefits: -

  • If you are learning android, then it means you are learning the most demanding language java. Java is the computer’s language which incredibly values on its own.
  • Nearly in the market, everyone has mobile phones with the Android operating system. That means every next person is using android apps these days.
  • If people are opening their own business, then they want to develop their own business android apps so that other peoples can easily download it, access it and take the advantage of it.
  • You can also develop your own app and sell it on the google play. The pay-out will depend on the quality of your app, creativity of your app and finish of your product.
  • As the innovation in the market increases and the development of the android app increases.

Think before taking a step towards your bright future. We provide an android app development course in Jaipur. We are giving the android coaching in Jaipur. We are the best android training institute in Jaipur.

IOS App Development course Benefits: -

  • You can gain course skills in the development of framework of IOS.
  • You get to know how to create custom IOS drawing.
  • You have a power to access users input in iPad and iPhone by touches.
  • The advanced Php techniques
  • You get to know how navigation controller, table view and many other UI components work in IOS.
  • You can also work with maps and Media API.
  • You also learn how you keep your data safe in the iPhone.

As in this generation people are more curious to operate iPhones. They want to ensure the security of their data. Buyers are attracted by the Apple brand as a prestigious status symbol. Buyers think that it is easier to use. Initially, it is developed for calls and texts but now it is used for accessing the internet, facetime, and calls. From all this, you get to know how app development is beneficial. We provide the IOS app development, IOS course and iPhone training.

Why android and IOS courses are becoming important to brighten up the future?

  • These technologies are rapidly developing with from last black to white and small to large.
  • They are one of the most demanded courses by the companies in recent times and for the upcoming years.
  • Many companies investing heavily on these technologies that means providing a lot of employment nowadays.
  • Android servers as an entry point for a large number of Google services and IOS serves as an entry point for apple services.
  • You will make huge money by developing your own app and publish in play store by this you can earn a good amount of money.
  • You can also work in your comfortable hours in your future.
  • It is not necessary that you have to work in the MNCs only. You can open your own company or work as a freelancer in a comfortable time.

These are some benefits of the Android course and IOS app development course. You will have secure future. You have an assured that you did a course in which you can work as per your own guidelines and earn a huge amount of money. Android coaching in Jaipur gives you an opportunity to learn android.

Creative Web Pixel helps you to learn, think and develop. Our faculty experts tell you how to analyze the problem deeply, how you can find out the solutions and how you can give find out the optimal solution from your feasible solutions. We provide you an interactive lab session with Industry experts from time to time. We will help you in your overall professional growth by taking you in industry visits. We value your precious time. We value the money that you are going to invest in your future. So, invest in the best course and training institute in Jaipur.

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