Photography Training in Jaipur

Photography Training in Jaipur

Creative Web Pixel is that top institute which provides professional photography training in Jaipur. Students will learn taking incredible photograph for products, wedding ceremoney and outdoor photography. Our photography training is perfect for novice who have lately acquired a D-SLR.

During the photography training sessions, you will get chance to understand handling techniques, camera operations, and digital photography. Whether you are intended to become a professional photographer or just want to learn clicking pictures, we have made everything so simple for everyone.

Why photography training from Creative Web Pixel?

Creative Web Pixel is leading training institute for photography for aspiring photographers in Jaipur. Our professionals have years of photography; their experience helps you take stunning photograph. Our photography course in Jaipur cover hundreds of tip and techniques, you will love.

Course Objectives

During the journey, you will learn how to use digital camera, basic fundamental of photography to take photography for various events and purposes.

Photography Training Course Outline

Creative Web Pixel is the best photography institution where you can start some real fun. Learn potrait shooting, landscape photography, sports photography amd take yourself to new heights of career.

  • Cameras & Lenses
  • Shutters, Aperture & Their Relationships
  • Equipments
  • Interaction of Lighting & Shadow
  • Retouching, Resolution & Printing (Photoshop & CorelDraw)
  • Photo Agents